NAKNAK brings organization to life. We create simple, functional and beautiful objects for different spaces by connecting international designers and an established, family-owned metal manufacturer in Taiwan.

NAKNAK was born in a 30-year-old metal workshop in Taichung, Taiwan, which had become a reliable supplier in the 1980s and 1990s. In order to achieve substantial development, the workshop pivots to focus on wire bending and sheet folding techniques that require experience and workmanship. We believe that such exquisite craftsmanship is worth preserving and passing on to future generations. In 2014, we developed NAKNAK with the goal of connecting these skilled manufacturers with international designers.

NAKNAK, inspired by the motion “knock knock,” means that we would like to knock on people’s mental doors and gently bring a new level of organization to their daily lives. Also, “knock” is an action often seen in metal work, and represents the skilled touch and high quality products of these craftsmen.


NAKNAK’s approach begins with function - to explore potential needs in different spaces and then develop organization that is simple, joyful and beautiful. Our vision is to become a distinctive brand of organization design for the home and office by creating imaginative products that enrich and simplify modern life.